Watchdog Review of Each of the Fifty States Sex Offender Laws Finds Minnesota Ranked the Most Unsafe

Rampant Sex Crime on Children. In Just 2 years, 10 Cases From County Alone, 8 Simple Laws to Update

Washington County Child Prostitution Sting “Suspects” Names, Photos, and Addresses

Washington County Sex Offenders. Names, Photos, Addresses.

local offender articles by date:


Convicted Child Rapist in Oakdale, Wanted for Rape Again, This Time A Baby Sitter, Weak Charges

Homicidal Rapist in Forest Lake Found With Child Porn Who Self Recorded Rape Now Convicted, Only 4 years

Child Predator Convicted, No Jail, 2 years Probation, No Registration, Lives by Woodbury Elementary and Middle School

Only 30 Days in Jail and Probation for Child Molester Who Had Sex with Lake Elmo Child

Stillwater, Aamodt’s Apple Farm Manager Christopher Aamodt Charged with Rape

Predator Who Went to Hotel to Rape Two Children Will Walk With a Clean Record Because Representative Grossell’s Bill Did Not Pass

Man Who Repeatedly Raped a Child in Oakdale, Raped another Child While on Probation and Will be Out in 2 Years

Fleet Farm Fondler Convicted of Groping 13 y/o, Gets Weak Sentence

Fugitive Child Predator Who Police Report Says Was Caught With Pants Down and About to Rape Child, Found Living at Woodbury Hotel

Man Who Tried to Have Sex with 14 and 12 year old at Lake Elmo Park, Only gets a Year in Prison and 5 years Probation

Only a Year in Jail for Man who Gang Raped 14 Year Old Child in Woodbury


Fleet Farm Fondler Convicted of Groping 13 y/o. In Rare Occurrence, No Plea Deal but Sentence Still Weak

No Mandated Jail time for Convicted St Paul Park Man who Sexually Assaulted a Child

Child Predator by Forest Lake Public School Convicted on Stiffer Charges, Sentence Still Weak

Serial Rapist Caught Living in Woodbury. Broken MN Law Only Requires Him to Register until 2020

Three Time Convicted Rapist in Woodbury Now Convicted of Trying to Meet Child for Sex. Will be Released Next Year.

Three Years to Charge Cottage Grove Man Caught with “Library” of Child Rape Videos and Child Porn, No Jail Time Likely

Man Who Gang Raped Woodbury Child Only Gets 5 years Probation and 10 Months Prison

Only 3.5 Years for Man Who Held Down & Raped Bayport Child While Taunting Her