Posts from our many Washington County Watchdog Authors. With the exception of the team who post the data on sex offenders (obvious safety reasons). We post with our full names because we stand behind our work.

Sex Offender Articles. See Washington County Watchdog posts on charged and convicted sex offenders. See their names, photos, and last know addresses.

Articles on County Mass Transit. See Washington County Watchdog posts showing you the fully sourced facts and data on our county and the Met Council’s plan to build 3 transit corridors here.  Decide for yourself if spending a half billion dollars to move less than 1% of traffic off the corresponding freeway with slow buses winding down back streets is best.

Articles on our County Legislators. See Washington County Watchdog posts that hold our local elected Representatives and Senators accountable. We keep both sides in check and tend to post the most on legislators who say one thing and do the opposite.

Washington County Board Articles. See Washington County Watchdog’s posts keeping the County board in check. Currently all five members are your typical politicians who will tell you what you want to hear meanwhile doing what they think is best. It’s extremely rare to see the board not in 5/5 lockstep vote with each other and even more rare is denying a request for funding. The county debt recently tripled in the period of seven years, it’s only a matter of time before taxes will have to subsequently go up.