Over thirty Minnesota legislators have responded to this petition in support or interest in tougher child rape laws (see below) Please add yourself to the support list too by signing this petition. I think it’s important to have people who are in the community and at the legislature like yourself get behind tougher sex offender law. The more detail you can provide in the petition the better.

So far over the Holiday break we’ve had eight people from five different groups respond. Groups like Child Protection League, Empower Survivors, Parents’ Rights in Education, Women of Nations, and the Reisman Institute. 


Welcome to Washington County Watchdog. We’re trying to help Representative Matt Grossell pass his bipartisan common sense child sex offender reform bills from last session this coming session. It’s been two years since a single good change in sex offender law passed. Our volunteer run group Washington County Watchdog does not take any money. We cover the local stories on charged and convicted child rapists and try to bring the evidence to the public and law makers to educate how specific law has failed in each real life example from just Washington County alone. So far we have TWENTY posts and counting for just Washington County in 2018 alone see:

We don’t use painful details or bombard anyone with mass emails. All we ask is if you could respond to our petition so we can reference you as a fellow supporter of Child sex offender law reform as in Representative Matt Grossell’s bills. We’d love to include you on occasional correspondence on the bills that need our support. Simply subscribe to our free email list: http://wcwatchdog.com/subscribe/

We write positive articles about the organizations that help (see right side bar of our page). In the last two years we’ve had over 1.3 million readers to our sex offender articles. We have thousands of subscribers to our emails and our facebook posts related to just this topic alone that needs to be reformed. We’re doing a follow up article on the organizations and people that support better sex offender laws.

Please familiarize yourself on our in depth review of every state’s sex offender laws and documentation with direct links to their law as proof. Our findings:
Watchdog Review of Each of the Fifty States Sex Offender Laws Finds Minnesota Ranked the Most Unsafe

We have a solid list of legislators who’ve responded with interest in Matt Grossell’s sex offender bills.
30 Legislators and Counting! Both Parties Committed to Fix Broken Child Rape Laws in 2019

We look forward to your response of support and joining with the over thirty legislators.

Thank you for your support in advance. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

Please forward or respond to other influential people at the legislature or advocacy groups you believe can/ would help in this way and tell them to please respond with their organization name and email that we can reach them for confirmation to washingtoncountywatchdog@gmail.com