Washington County Sex Offenders. Names, Photos, Addresses

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Washington County Sex Offender Suspects and Convicts

This running article is intended to list the public data available on sex offenders in Washington County MN. The list is updated weekly.
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Suspects are innocent until proven guilty. We use only public government sources. Posting their sentencing, booking photo, criminal complaints, and court documents disclosing their information. This list is only meant to inform the public who they are with at least their name, charges, conviction, picture, and their last known address in the County (see end of article for full disclaimer). Please message our facebook page if you have verifiable data to update

changes: www.fb.com/WCwatchdog.  From December 2015 on we have posted the data on every new offender. If any existing offender makes a mistake with their offender registry and they’re charged, we’ll know about it and put them on this list.

Most people think all released convicted sex offenders have to register with the State who then informs the public who they are and where they live. With current MN law that’s absolutely false, according to the Department of Corrections it’s only 2%!

To find out more please read: Watchdog Review of Each of the Fifty States Sex Offender Laws Finds Minnesota Ranked the Most Unsafe

After reading this article you will be shocked and probably frustrated that so little is being done to address the problem of sex crime in Minnesota. We encourage you to contact your legislators to fix the law; but most important is providing help to the local victims. Many groups are out there doing great work across the State. At WCW our focus is local, sharing Washington County related stories to emphasize the reality that sex crime is too common here. But our work doesn’t help the shattered victims. So we highly recommend helping local victims through a local group called EmpowerSurvivors. They are a peer led 501(c3) non-profit group for those affected by sexual abuse. One of the many ways they help is by holding free weekly meetings in Stillwater as a safe place. They also host free and private online support on their website and blog. The founder, Elizabeth Sullivan, is a survivor of child sexual abuse and has devoted her life to helping victims here in the Washington County area. Every cent donated goes to their mission of “survivors helping survivors.” Their new location in downtown Stillwater could use office supplies such as a printer, pens, paper and more.  Of course any donation amount helps. You can also use Paypal for a one time gift.
While the public can find hope and security if laws and sentencing guidelines can improve; the victims of sex crime in Washington County are left shattered by the crime even if the offender is punished to the fullest extent of the law. Contact elected officials; but also consider the important step of supporting victims. Please consider donating to EmpowerSurvivors here in Washington County. Find out more at www.EmpowerSurvivors.net 
As of the post date of the article, 4 Convicted level 3 sex offenders lived in Washington County according to the Minnesota Department of Corrections you can research the list there for the most recent data. However the list is down to one as far as we know from the BCA website. Was it this article and the resulting public awareness?

Level 3 Convicted Sex Offenders:

Ziemann, Robert Lee
Birth Date:02/25/1985

Ziemann, Robert Lee

OID:  222665
Release Date:  3/4/2014
Offense Statute(s):  609.342; 609.344
Offense Information:
Offender has a history of sexual contact with minor female victims (age 7-13). Contact has included sexual touching and penetration. Offender was known to victims.

Law Enforcement Agency: Oakdale Police Department 651-738-1025
Address: Vicinity of Hadley Ave & Hallmark AveOakdale, MN 55128
Aliases: Zieman, Robert L, Zieman, Robert Lee, Zieman, Robert Lee Jr, Ziemann, Robert Ziemann, Robert Lee Jr



Non-Level 3 Sex Offenders:
(both convicted and charged)
This is the running list of non-level 3 sex offenders in Washington County based off linked County Sentencing documents (at this time the county does not retain an online public history of these documents, only the latest week, they can be sent by request by emailing the Washington County Attorney’s office: WCA@co.washington.mn.us). The county releases weekly sentencing and court appearance data. We take the names from their reports of who was convicted and search the MN Bureau of Criminal Apprehension for their criminal record history:  https://cch.state.mn.us/pcchOffenderSearch.aspx. We obtain their last know address from the “criminal complaint” filed with the Washington County Attorney’s office; we post the link to that data. Also on the “criminal complaint” is the very disturbing report from the arresting officer or investigator. We look at the status of open court cases through the Minnesota Judicial Branch website http://www.mncourts.gov/Access-Case-Records.aspx. In special instances (ie: when the “suspect” confesses to the crime) we post those currently on trial for sex crimes and clearly post they are innocent until proven guilty. For those in the lengthy trial process they are likely still in public. Even if they confess to their horrific crime to investigators. If they are being held you can check the Washington County Daily Jail Bookings Report .  If they are convicted and sent to prison you can confirm such with the Department of Corrections website search: http://www.doc.state.mn.us/pages/index.php/search-offenders-fugitives. For those convicted out of state and move here the data from the court they were convicted is sourced.
We’ve broken down the following list by city:

Afton/ Saint Mary’s Point/ Lake St. Croix

*Richard William Tousignant
DOB: 6/18/1969

Richard Tousignant

16366 24th Street South, 
St. Mary’s Point
CONVICTION: Predatory Offender Knowingly Violates Registry.
SENTENCE: 5 years’ probation. Jail 30 days. $200 fine.
What’s outrageous with our broken system is that it took OVER TWO YEARS to convict and sentence him back to jail! Also he was only required to register as a predatory offender until 2023. Why not for Life?!
See Criminal Complaint: Tousignant, Richard William; 82-CR-14-2409.pdf
He appears to have raped a helpless mentally impaired victim in 2004. In addition to his other multiple convictions

*Scott Douglas Hunt

Scott Hunt

DOB: 8/5/1961
16460 19th Street S
Lake St Croix Beach, MN 55043
ORIGINAL CONVICTION: In 1989 he was convicted of violating MN State Staute 609.342. That means he was convicted for raping a child that was 13 years old or younger.
LATEST CONVICTION: Predatory Offender – Knowingly Violates Registration Requirements or Intentionally Provides False Information
DATE: 11/18/2016
SENTENCE: Committed to the Commissioner of Corrections for 24 months. Provide DNA sample. Lifetime registration
Read the Criminal complaint how in April of 2015 Hunt was tracked down after a Wisconsin Law enforcement officer notified the county sheriff that this convicted child rapist sex offender Scott Hunt was living in Lake St. Croix. The County investigated and found him to be at the location and had been living there for “a few years” (unregistered). He told investigators that “his life got too busy and he never really thought about his registration requirements after that.” Please contact our County Commissioners to invest in the County Sheriff’s office so they may have the resources to effectively monitor these convicted child rapists who live in our County. mnk

Conviction Summary
1/1/1989 Convicted Criminal Sexual Conduct-First Degree-Penetration Felony
12/27/2001 Convicted Traffic-DL-Driving after cancellation-inimical to public safety Gross Misdemeanor
3/27/2007 Convicted Traffic-DL-Driving after cancellation-inimical to public safety Gross Misdemeanor
5/21/2010 Convicted Traffic-DL-Driving after cancellation-inimical to public safety Gross Misdemeanor
11/20/2016 Convicted Predatory Offender-Knowingly Violates Registration Req. or Intentionally Provides False Information Felony

 Cottage Grove

*Eugene Francis Schwab 
aka: Gene Schwab, Eugene Schwab Jr, Gene Francis Schwab

Eugene Schwab

DOB: 5/16/1992
8813 Hale Avenue South
Cottage Grove, MN 55016
His address is two blocks from Hamlet park and about three blocks from Pine Hill Elementary School in Cottage Grove
Convictions/sentences according to the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension:
At about the age of 20 in 2012 he was convicted for raping a “13-15” year old.
In 2010 he had a DWI,
in 2011 he had a domestic assault conviction,
in 2013 he violated his predatory offender registration
Latest Conviction/Sentence source: On January 13th 2016 The Court committed the defendant to the Commissioner of Corrections for 24 months with credit for 115 days served for violating the guidelines of the predatory offender registration.




Michael Guerin

*Michael John Guerin
aka: Mike J. Guerin, Mike Guerin
DOB: 1/25/1951
8200 Scott Blvd, Cottage Grove, MN 55016

Lives across the street from Belden Park
address according to Wisconsin State Court
​or see link to convictions screen shot


*Luis Angel Ponce

Luis Ponce

DOB: 10/06/1984

7441 96th Street S
Cottage Grove, MN 55016
See County pdf file how he arranged to meet who he thought were two girls 15 and 17 years old for sex. Luis Ponce “admitted that he had asked for a “car date” and that meant exchanging sex for money in a car. He admitted that he knew the females were 15 and 17 years old.”:
Ponce, Luis Angel 82-CR-15-3981.pdf

CONVICTION: 609.324 “Prostitution-Hire or Agree to Hire 16 to 17 Yr Old”
SENTENCE:  60 days jail Sentence to Service out-of-custody, 5 days credit, HUBER, 3 years of probation, $200 fine, pay $25.00 today, no use alcohol or drugs, random testing, DNA sample, attend and complete the intervention program for men who use prostitutes or its equivalent, Cognitive Skills programming and standard terms in pre-sentence investigation.

Please email County attorney pete.orput@co.washington.mn.us and prosecutor imran.ali@co.washington.mn.us and ask why he will not have to register as a predatory sex offender.


 *Jeremiah Quan Turner
Aka Jeremy Turner
DOB: 2/18/1997 
7883 72nd Street South, 

Jeremiah Quan Turner

Cottage Grove, MN
DATE: 10/12/2016


SENTENCE: Defendant was convicted of 2nd degree criminal sexual conduct and sentenced to 25 years of probation. 120 days jail with a $50 fine.
Read the criminal complaint how he raped a 15 year old deaf child. (Why wasn’t he charged with raping a child which would have had a punishment of up to 30 years in Prison and a $40,000 fine! Instead he’s getting just 4 months in jail! email county attorney’s:  pete.orput@co.washington.mn.us, imran.ali@co.washington.mn.us, and  Jessica.Stott@co.washington.mn.us)
reference for 30 year charge: “Criminal Sexual Conduct-1st Degree-Penetration – Victim Under 16- Minnesota Statute: 609.342.1(g) and 609.342.2(b)”

*Kerry Joe Mausolf 
DOB: 05/30/1967

8845 80th Street
Cottage Grove, MN 55016
See Dakota County pdf file how he arranged to meet who he thought was a 15 year old girl via text with an undercover officer acting as the mother.
Charge: Prostitution (Hire 13 to 15 Year Old)
Minnesota Statute: 609.324.1(b)(2)
Maximum Sentence: 0-10 Years and/or $6,000.00 – $20,000.00
Offense Level: Felony
Offense Date: 09/10/2015
Disposition Date:
Probation Institution Assigned To: DAKOTA CO COMMUNITY CORR
Court File #: HACR153243  Case #: 15002717
Convicted Conviction Level: Felony Statute: 609.324 Statute Description: Prostitution-Other
Sentence(s): Probational – 5YSentence Stayed: Imposition of sentence stayed


*Parker Cole Running Jarvis

Parker Running Jarvis

DATE: 1/11/2017
DOB: 7/16/1998
8845 90th Street S
Cottage Grove, MN 55016
MN AGENCY: Woodbury Police Department
I: Criminal Sex Conduct-1st Degree-Penetration – Aid/Abet by Accomplice(s);
II: Criminal Sexual Cond-1st Degree-Penetration – Injury – Use Force/Coerce;
III: Aiding and Abetting Criminal Sex Conduct-3rd Degree-Force or Coercion;
IV: Criminal Sex Conduct-3rd Degree-Victim 13-15 Actor >24m older

Convicted: Man Who Gang Raped Woodbury Child Only Gets 5 years Probation and 10 months prison

One of the other rapists is:

Dan Zambrano

DOB: 09/02/1998

908 Russell Street
St Paul, MN 55101
see his criminal complaint

Convicted: Only a Year in Jail for Man who Gang Raped 14 Year Old Child in Woodbury

See South Washington County Bulletin article:
Cottage Grove man charged with sexual assault of 14-year-old girl

*Randy Carl Rappe
DATE: 8/10/2017

DOB: 7/2/1951

Randy Rappe
Woodland Park Apartments
MN AGENCY: Cottage Grove Police Department
Read how he was found with child porn and child rape files:
I: Possess Pornographic Work-Computer Disk/Electronic/Magnetic/Optical Image w/Porn; 
II: Possess Pornographic Work-Computer Disk/Electronic/Magnetic/Optical Image w/Porn; 
III: Possess Pornographic WorkComputer Disk/Electronic/Magnetic/Optical Image w/Porn; 
IV: Possess Pornographic Work-Computer Disk/Electronic/Magnetic/Optical Image w/Porn; 
V: Possess Pornographic Work-Computer Disk/Electronic/Magnetic/Optical Image w/Porn; 
VI: Possess Pornographic Work-Computer Disk/Electronic/Magnetic/Optical Image w/Porn; 
VII: Possess Pornographic Work-Computer Disk/Electronic/Magnetic/Optical Image w/Porn 

Forest Lake

Tyler Ecklund

*Tyler Cory Ecklund
DOB: 2/7/1995
975 11th Avenue SW
Forest Lake, MN 55025
Lives a Block from Southwest Jr High School and
a few blocks from Forest View Elementary School
DATE: 11/23/2016
CHARGE: I: Predatory Offender-Knowingly Violates Registration Req. or Intentionally Provides False Information
See the Criminal Complaint that explains that Ecklund was convicted in 2013 for “a sex offense” and only required to register until 2023 and that “he had not registered with the BCA since May of 2013″. So for over 3 years this convicted sex offender fell through the cracks not following the guidelines of his Sentence. Contact your County Commissioner to invest more into sex offender monitoring.

Tyler Cory Ecklund was also in the Charlotte County Jail between May 4th and 22nd. He was charged with Dealing in Stolen Property, False Information to Law Enforcement During Investigation, Perjury Not in an Official Proceeding, False Owner Information on Pawned Items Valued, Tamper With or Fabricate Physical Evidence, Dealing in Stolen Property, False Owner Information on Pawned Items Valued Less Than $300 and False ID to Secondhand Dealer Under $300. This information is available to the public via this website. You’ll just need to enter in his name. https://www.ccso.org/forms/arrestdb.cfm


*Richard Robert Wemyess 
DATE: 6/30/2016

Richard Wemyess

DOB: 5/1/1970
CITY/RESIDENCE: Homeless in Forest Lake
AGENCY: Forest Lake Police Department
Wemyess Complaint.pdf
6/30/16 court appearance
CONVICTION: 1-9-2017 Predatory Offender – Violates Registration Requirements SENTENCE: Committed to the Commissioner of Corrections for 26 months, 188 days credited.
According to Ramsey County Court documents he stated he raped a 14 year old girl.
one “Sex Offender Notification and Registration Form” that indicated Wemyss was a “sex offender” and stated he was convicted of engaging in sexual penetration with a 14-year-old girl
He’s got a record a mile long according to the BCA



Caleb Wolfgram

*Caleb David Wolfgram
DATE: 7/18/2016
DOB: 11/7/1988
Lives in Forest Lake Area (with his stated girlfriend?)
8061 Pleasent View Drive
Spring Lake Park, MN 55432

MN AGENCY: Forest Lake Police Department
I: Criminal Sex Conduct-2nd Degree-Victim Under 13-Actor > 36m Old
Maximum Sentence: 25 years and $35,000
II: Criminal Sexual Predatory Conduct
Maximum Sentence: * and $20,000
First Court Appearance: 7/18/2016

CONVICTED: 11/3/2016 of Felony Criminal Sex Cond-4th Degree-Victim Under 13-Actor Not>36m Oldr

Sentence according the the BCA search is: 36 months at the St. Cloud Correctional Facility. Eligible for early release in just 24 months if completes offender treatment.
According to the criminal complaint Caleb Walfgram, age 27 groped the crotch of a 12 year old child in the Forest Lake Target, the crime was caught on camera:
On July 15, 2016 Officers were dispatched to the Forest Lake Target
The victim stated: She and her two sisters had received permission from her mother to go into the water sports area to look at water items. While she was in the aisle, she bent over to look at an item when someone came behind her and she felt a hand under and in between her legs. The hand then swiped her bottom area from her vagina to her buttocks. She immediately turned around and saw the defendant. He responded, “oops, sorry” in a sarcastic tone.

The defendant was on probation for two felony counts of Interference with Privacy – Against a Minor Under 18 and one GM count of Interference with Privacy – Hotel Tanning Booth-other. All three counts stem from the defendant seeking out minor females and taking photographs of them while shopping in kids clothing departments or while changing in the dressing room. Several of the photos obtained from the defendant’s phone showed the photographs were taken in the kids dressing rooms or in the women’s bathroom in an attempt to capture girls in uncompromising situations. He also photographed the underside of an adult woman’s skirt while she shopped.
Sad this happened since all the warning signs were there judging by his priors according to the BCA:

Conviction Summary
5/20/2014 Convicted Interfere w/Privacy-Against a Minor Under 18 Misdemeanor
7/3/2015 Convicted Interfere w/Privacy-Against a Minor Under 18 Misdemeanor
7/3/2015 Convicted Interfere w/ Privacy – Hotel/Tanning Booth/Other – Install or Use Surreptitious Device Misdemeanor

Write your legislators to have the punishment and monitoring for these Gateway rape crimes increased. https://www.leg.state.mn.us/leg/districtfinder


*Travis Alex Rehbein
Aka: “Travis Boss”

Travis Rehbein aka: “Travis Boss”

DOB: 5/27/1993DATE: 8/16/2016
956 12th Street SW
Forest Lake, MN 55025 He lives a block or so from South West Junior High School

MN AGENCY: Forest Lake Police Department
I: Criminal Sex Cond-4th Degree-Victim 13-15-Act >48m Old;
II: Deprive AnotherCust/Parental Rights-Conceal Minor;
III: Neglect or Endangerment of a Child/Neglect
According to the Criminal Complaint: Travis Rehbein sought out a 13 year old child on Facebook and messaged her if she wanted to meet. She rode her bike and they met at the Forest Lake Target. They went back to his apartment and he gave her alcohol. The police report states Rehbein had sex with the minor. The victim’s parents became suspicious when they smelled alcohol on the child. Police arrested Travis Rehbein and it was found that he had a toddler of his in his home that was returned to family.

Rehbein is “innocent until proven guilty”


*Nick Nehring
aka: Nicholas Scott Nehring
DOB: 9/24/1983

Nick Nehring

21122 Clydesdale Curve S  
Forest Lake, MN 55025

Lives Yards away from Forest Lake
Public schools:

Forest Lake with same Birthdate
From his public Facebook account
DATE: 1/20/2017
CHARGE: I: Distribute via Electronic Communication Material that Relates/Describes Sexual Conduct to a Child
Read the Criminal Complaint that describes the parents of a 13 year old child who found on their child’s phone sexual communication with Nick Nehring. Forest Lake police investigated and found child porn of the victim and evidence of efforts online to find other child victims through dating sites. When police interviewed him under Miranda rights “He admitted that he communicated electronically with a female he knew was thirteen years old.”

CONVICTED: See: Child Predator by Forest Lake Public School Convicted on Stiffer Charges, Sentence Still Weak

*Alan Douglas Running
AKA: Al Running, Alan Douglas, alface47
DOB: 9/9/1947

DATE: 7/25/2018
JUDGE: Gary R. Schurrer
CONVICTION: Criminal Sex Conduct-3rd Degree
SENTENCE: Committed to the Commissioner of Corrections for 53 months; 42 days credited;
$50 fine with surcharge and fees

Post: Homicidal Rapist in Forest Lake Found With Child Porn Who Self Recorded Rape Now Convicted, Only 4 years

DOB: 05/17/1998
Autumn Hills Apartments

Austin Keacher
Arresting Officer(s): 423
609.344.1(b) Criminal Sex Conduct-3rd Degree-Victim 13-15 Actor >24m older
Arrest Date Time: 5/15/2018 12:00:00 AM
Release Date Time: 9/12/2018 3:38:22 PM


Michael Quesnel

*Michael John Quesnel 
aka: Mike J. Quesnel, Mike Quesnel
DOB: 8/14/1991
6083 165th Street N
Hugo, MN 55038
708 12th Street SW,    (the apartment is across the street from Southwest Junior High School)
apt. 308 
Forest Lake
Offense Date (on or about): 12/01/2015
CONVICTION: 2nd Degree Criminal Sexual Contact

SENTENCE: Only 90 months (7.5 years); 449 days credit; sex offender registration for 10 years;

Short description of accused crime straight from Washington County Criminal Complaint File see link below for full description (WARNING it is extremely graphic) [emphasis added in red]:
On January 20, 2016, the Forest Lake Police Department received a report of a possible sexual assault on a 3 year old female who suffers from cerebral palsy. An investigation revealed the following: On January 6, 2016, K.L.B. brought her three year old daughter, M.F.B. DOB: 3-31-2012, to the doctor for an evaluation due to urine frequency and bed wetting. K.L.B. reported that she had recently returned to work after having a baby (2 months old) and that M.F.B. was at home during the day with her husband MICHAEL JOHN QUESNEL, DOB: 8-14-1991, herein defendant. The defendant is M.F.B.’s step father. K.L.B. added that the child was having more oppositional/misbehavior when the defendant was home. K.L.B. had also found bloody toilet paper in the toilet on one occasion. The child was complaining of vaginal pain and was acting oddly…” (to disturbing to post the rest).
The defendant’s 15 year old sister, V.D.L., reported that she too had been sexually abused by the defendant when she was between the ages of 5 or 6 to 11.
When asked if it surprised him that there were concerns that M.F.B. was being sexually abused, he responded, “No, because I did touch her. I don’t know why. It just happened. I snapped.” He went on to say, “i did touch my sister when she was younger.”

In Late August 2016 he was finally charged with five counts of raping his siblings facing a total of 140 years in prison if convicted:


Lake Elmo

*Ian Laurence Walford 

Ian Walford

Walford, Ian Laurence 82-CR-15-3968.pdf
DOB: 02/24/1980
12351 9th Street Court N
Lake Elmo, MN 55042
Ian Walford lives right next to Oak Land Jr. High
See County pdf file how he arranged to meet with who he thought were a 14 and 15 year old children for sex. When Ian Laurence arrived at the hotel he was arrested and stated people like him who “hypothetically” use prostitutes have needs and they may move forward with having sex with the underage because that’s all they have to work with:

-charged, not convicted.


Date: 6-28-17


Shaun Maubach
DOB: 04/01/1985
I: Engages in the sex trafficking of an individual Minnesota Statute: 609.322.1a(4)
II: Promotes Prostitution of an Individual Minnesota Statute: 609.322.1a(2)
See criminal complaint that states on June 20th, 2017 Shaun Maubach was staying at the LaQuinta Inn in the City of Woodbury. The defendant was in the possession of a substance that later tested positive for methamphetamine. He was arrested for this and for an outstanding burglary warrant from Kansas. During his arrest, the defendant stated that he had information regarding the location of $10,000 of methamphetamine and marijuana grow. The defendant stated that he could prove this information with pictures in his cell phone. While looking through the cell phone pictures, the detective observed pictures indicative of prostitution and other related activities. Detectives got a warrant to search the phone. The found dozens of images and texts of prostitution and other illegal activities. One text in the cell phone belonging to the defendant admitting he was a “Pimp” and that he was “running 6 girls.” On June 28th 2017 an undercover detective contacted one of his alleged prostitutes and arranged a meeting in exchange for sex. Later Maubach was arrested and charged for being involved with promoting prostitution of the woman. See woodbury bulletin article too:

DATE: 10/31/2017

CONVICTION: Engages in the sex trafficking of an individual
SENTENCE: Committed to Commissioner of Corrections for 228 months, 129 days credit. Pay fine of $500 plus surcharges and fees.


Jerome Petsche

 *Jerome Petsche
aka: Jerome Joeseph-Lusas Petsche
DOB: 12/15/1979
residing at the Red Rock Lodge, 1280 Hastings Avenue #5, Newport
2070 Coon Rapids Boulevard
Coon Rapids, MN 55433
Charge: Felony, Predatory Offender-Knowingly Violates Registration Req. or Intentionally Provides False Information
Original Conviction:
Felony Criminal Sexual Contact in 1999 and was required to register as a
predatory offender.


*Dean Edward Crawley
aka: Deon Crawley, Dean Edwards Crawley
DOB: 1/16/1970
Last known address from Washington County Criminal Complaint
6620 Gretchen Ln N, Oakdale, MN 55128
Offense: Felony Criminal Sexual Conduct-3rd Degree- Convicted

Dean Crawley

Offense Date (on or about): 1/28/1998
Other charges and convictions:
2012 and 2015: Predatory Offender-Knowingly Violates Registration Req. or Intentionally Provides False Information
List of all the convictions:
Latest arrest: 3-17-16 for Predatory Offender-Knowingly Violates Registration Req. or Intentionally Provides False Information

Here’s a very long list of Dean Crawley’s prior convictions.

Timothy Joseph Pierre


DATE: 8/3/2016
DOB: 6/1/1970
6123 48th Street
Oakdale, MN 55128
He lives blocks away from Castle Elementary School
MN AGENCY: Oakdale Police Department
I: Criminal Sexual Cond-1st Degree-Penetration or Contact with Person Under 13-Actor >36m older;
II: Criminal Sexual Cond-1st Degree-Penetration or Contact with Person Under 13-Actor >36m older
Offense Date: 2-18-16 (Why did it take six months to charge this guy?! email county attorney’s: pete.orput@co.washington.mn.us, imran.ali@co.washington.mn.us, and Jessica.Stott@co.washington.mn.us)
According to the County Criminal complaint:On February 18, 2016, the mother of two girls one 9 years old and the other 7 years old were sexually assaulted on multiple occasions by their babysitter, TIMOTHY JOSEPH PIERRE. Investigators found child porn on his home computer that he blames the children for downloading. What he is accused of doing to the children based off findings from investigating the victims is too graphic to post. The criminal complaint posts the details.

DATE: 3/30/2017
JUDGE: Gregory G. Galler
CONVICTION: Criminal Sexual Cond-1st Degree-Penetration or Contact with Person Under 13-Actor >36m older
SENTENCE: committed to the Commissioner of Corrections for 210 months; 241 days credited; conditional release period of 10 years; lifetime predatory offender registration (will be a level 3 offender when he gets out).
*Christian Dallas Larson
DATE: 4/5/2018
DOB: 12/6/1994
CITY/RESIDENCE: Minnehaha Manor
MN AGENCY: Oakdale Police Department

CONVICTED:  Predatory Offender – Fails to Mail Verification Form w/ 10 Days or Report During Month of Birth (Not applicable – GOC)
07/08/2017 (FEL) 243.166.4(e)(4) (2431664e4)
MN Correctional Facility – St. Cloud 24 Mo
Report on 05/23/2018 Credit for Time Served for 238 Days
Record according to BCA:
03/29/2016  Criminal Sex Conduct-2nd Degree-Significant Relationship-Victim Under 16 yrs 609.343.1(g) (was sentenced to 36 months but only did 14 months in prison)

10/27/2017  Predatory Offender-Knowingly Violates Registration Req. 243.166.5(a)


MNDOC Offender ID: 255489

*Gabriel Miguel Mitchell
DATE: 9/4/2018
DOB: 11/24/1978
7504 46th Street N
AGENCY: Oakdale Police Department
CHARGE: I: Criminal Sex Conduct-3rd Degree-Force or Coercion
Convicted Child Rapist in Oakdale, Wanted for Rape Again, This Time A Baby Sitter, Weak Charges
Oakdale, MN 55128


Lewis Perry Oden

 *Lewis Perry Oden 
aka: Lewis Oden, Louis Oden
DOB: 11/27/1958
1123 5th St S, Stillwater, MN 55082 (lives a block from Stillwater Jr High and the ECFC center)
Conviction Date: 5/19/1997
Convictions/sentences according to the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency Community Information Center
Convicted of “Molestation of a Juvenile” victim was a 12 year old female


*Quinton Riley Lannue
DATE: 7/20/2016

Quinton Lannue

DOB: 1/15/1996
605 Stillwater Rd 
#304 Willernie, MN 55115 (near Stillwater)
AGENCY: Bayport Police Department
CHARGE: I: Felony Criminal Sex Conduct-3rd Degree-Force or Coercion
CONVICTED: Only 3.5 Years for Man Who Held Down & Raped Bayport Child While Taunting Her

Criminal Complaint: Quinton Lannue found a 16 year old victim who worked at a local retail store. Lannue went to the victim’s house with alcohol and convinced the reluctant victim to drink with him according to the police report. The victim reported she didn’t feel safe and had two friends come over. When the two friends left to walk to a gas station and back Lannue was described to have forcibly held the victim down and raped her while taunting her. When the friends returned they found the child crying and hysterical. The police had DNA evidence sent. There are other horrifying details in the criminal complaint of the torture the child went through that we warn to read with caution.


*Marques Lamarcuse Williams
DATE: 3/2/2017

Marques Williams

14820 62nd Street N
Apt. 106
Stillwater, MN 55082
According to the criminal complaint in November 2015 Marques Williams was at a party where guests were drinking. A fifteen year old girl was present and also drinking and had fallen asleep. The police report states the fifteen year old awoke to find Marques on top of her raping her and he covered her mouth when she screamed and tried to call for help. Police had a rape kit conducted and the DNA left on the victim matched Marques Williams. He admitted he knew the victim was 15 years old in the criminal complaint.
CONVICTION: 3rd Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct
SENTENCE: Only 90 days jail; $50 fine, 5 years of probation; predatory offender registration for 10 years.
email county attorney’s: pete.orput@co.washington.mn.us and imran.ali@co.washington.mn.us on how such a weak sentence can be given for raping a child? Weak charges? Weak sentencing guidelines? Both?

St. Paul Park

*Duane Allen Walker
DATE: 9/23/2016

Duane Walker

DEFENDANT: Duane Allen Walker
DOB: 9/30/1966
1161 2nd Street
St Paul Park, MN 55071
Lives a Block away from Oltman Middle School
AGENCY: St. Paul Park Police Department
CHARGE: I: Criminal Sex Cond-5th Degree-Nonconsensual Sexual Contact
Maximum Sentence: 1 year and $3,000
Offense Level: Gross Misdemeanor
See the Criminal Complaint how police arrived to his residence to find a female who reported she was touched by Walker under her robe when she was in bed stating he “wanted some”. She told police she punched him and was able to get away.
“innocent until proven guilty”


*Randy Albert Jesus Oldeen
DOB: 7/17/1977
207 9th Avenue
St. Paul Park, MN 55071

Picture of Randy Oldeen from his public facebook profile


Oldeen lives two blocks from Oltman Middle school
MN AGENCY: St. Paul Park Police Department
DATE: 10/19/2016
Public notified 4-17-2017
CHARGE: I: Distribute via Electronic Communication Material that Relates/Describes Sexual Conduct to a Child
Minnesota Statute: 609.352.2a(3), with reference to: 609.352.4
Maximum Sentence: 3 years and $5,000
See Criminal complaint that states In August 2016 Investigators received a report from the parents of 16 year old female that Randy Oldeen was sending and receiving sexual messages and pictures with the child. During the investigation the child reported that she had been communicating with Oldeen on-line since she was 11 years old. She reported that in July 2015 he visited her in Idaho, where they met at a hotel and had sex multiple times over a two week period of time. The child was 13 years old at the time. Evidence on the child’s phone and on electronic devices at Oldeen’s home showed the two were exchanging sexual messages and pictures.
Contact the County prosecutors pete.orput@co.washington.mn.us and imran.ali@co.washington.mn.us on why he was not charged with soliciting a minor or more harsh charges to fit the crime of this accused child predator. A slap on the hand of a max penalty of 3 years is hardly justice. He also will not have to register as a sex offender if convicted. Please contact and write your legislators to make the sentencing guideline more harsh and to make this crime have to register as a predatory offender if convicted. http://www.leg.state.mn.us/leg/districtfinder

Oldeen was convicted of Burglary-2nd Degree-Dwelling in 2006 from the DAKOTA DIST COURT-HASTINGS according to the BCA


 *Gregg Eugene Wilwert
DATE: 5/30/2017
DOB: 12/24/1978

Gregg Wilwert

1031 Lincoln Avenue
St Paul Park, MN 55071 
MN AGENCY: St. Paul Park Police Department
I: Criminal Sexual Cond-1st Degree-Penetration or Contact with Person Under 13-Actor >36m older;
II: Criminal Sexual Conduct-1st Degree-Penetration – Victim Under 16-Significant Relationship
See Criminal Complaint: That describes how friends encouraged the 12 year old victim to report to police that she was being repeatedly raped and sexually assaulted and even choked reportedly by the defendant Gregg Wilwert. For over 8 months the abuse is claimed to have been happening. The police took Gregg Wilwert into custody for questioning and was promptly arrested and detained until trial after his excuses that appeared disgusting and perverted like being naked in front of the victim is normal. The place that the abuse reported to have occurred turned over video and audio surveillance and on one of the recordings the police report states the victim was screaming at Gregg Wilwert to stop touching her.
The South Washington County Bulletin did an article:


*Brandon Leigh Roach

DATE: 6/23/2017

DOB: 9/2/1979

Brandon Roach


See Article:

No Mandated Jail time for Convicted St Paul Park Man who Sexually Assaulted a Child

JUDGE: Susan R. Miles
Criminal Sex Conduct-2nd Degree–Victim Under 16 yrs- Felony 609.343.1(g)
Criminal Sex Conduct-5th Degree-Lewd Exhibition- Under 16 -Gross Misdemeanor 609.3451
Criminal Sexual Cond. – 1st Degree-Penetration or Contact with Person Under 13-Actor >36m older—— Dismissed.
Stay of execution, 25 years of probation; serve 365 days in Washington County Jail (not mandated by conviction per 609.343.1(g) and 609.3451) with credit for 9 days served, can be served as work release when programming permits, criteria waived; comply with predatory offender registration; enter and complete an outpatient sex offender treatment program; and pay fine of $50.00.


White Bear

*Jose Martin Lara Tello
DATE: 9/15/2016
DOB: 8/23/1981

Jose Tello

3407 White Bear Avenue  
White Bear Lake, MN 55110 (in Ramsey County, blocks away from White Bear Lake Area High School and Washington County)

AGENCY: Cottage Grove Police Department
CHARGE: I: Criminal Sex Conduct-3rd Degree-16-17-Act >48 old-Position Authority
Read the Criminal Complaint on how Tello who was a shift manager at a Cottage Grove McDonald’s is accused of using his position of Authority over a 17 year old child. He is accused of sexually violating the victim on multiple occasions.  He is innocent until proven guilty.




Ryan Meredith

DOB: 02/05/1982
7859 Rimbley Road
Woodbury, MN 55125
See County pdf file how he spoke to the Under Cover agent the “mother” who stated “it’s me and my deaf daughter…she 14yo. Is that cool with you? $60 dollars is my price for my daughter and me.” The defendant responded stating “OK cool. And she want to do this too. Where are you at.“. Ryan Brook Meredith was arrested when he arrived at the arranged location:
Meredith, Ryan Brook 82-CR-15-3963.pdf
Ryan Meredith’s first court appearance: 12/17/2015
CONVICTION: Prostitution – Hire 13 to 15 year old
SENTENCE: 5 years probation, 30 days in jail, $50 fine plus surcharges and fees.
(Again, this guy is only getting five years probation. He does not have to register as a sex offender despite showing up to a hotel to have sex with a child. They do now according to Senator Sheran for convicts after 8/1/16! However, still contact your legislators and demand stiffer laws see: http://www.leg.state.mn.us/leg/districtfinder)


*Jeffery Allen Lemrick 
aka: Jeff Lemrick
DOB: 5/20/1970

Jeff Lemrick

unknown at this time
See County pdf file of the woodbury police report of an incident on July 20th, 2015 how he lured a 14 year old female into a game where he thought it was appropriate to play a “dice game and that the loser would have to remove clothing. The Defendant started the game then said he lost. He unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants, and exposed his penis and testicles
Lemrick, Jeffrey Allen Complaint.pdf
CONVICTION: Criminal Sex Conduct 5th Degree

SENTENCE: just 30 days jail, 1 year probation,
(Contact your legislators to get stiffer penalties put into law: http://www.leg.state.mn.us/leg/districtfinder)


Miguel Delgadillo-Gonzalez

DOB: 10/11/1993
2476 Cobble Hill Alcove
Woodbury, MN 55125
Charge: Felony Engage in Electronic Communication Relating or Describing Sexual Conduct with Child

See County pdf on how in April of 2016 he communicated with a detective who he thought was a 15 year old child. Despite being notified the child was 15 he continued. Going on to arrange sex for $50 and tried to lower the price to free. He arranged to meet at Ojibway Park in Woodbury. Miquel was arrested just outside the park when he arrived to the meeting.

Delgadillo-Gonzalez, Miguel Eduardo.pdf
-charged, not convicted.



Richard Holmes

*Richard Jay Holmes
DATE: 1/9/2017
DOB: 9/7/1982
313 Leeward Trail
Woodbury, MN 55129
CONVICTION: Predatory Offender-Knowingly Violates Registration Requirements
SENTENCE: 25 months. 140 days credit.
See criminal complaint.
According to the BCA he has multiple convictions including violating order of protection, 3 DWIs, Burglary, check forgery, and drug possession.
Most recent in 2018: No Justice: Man Who Held Woodbury Woman Captive 2 Days and Raped her Released After 15 Months and Now Charged With Stillwater Sexual Assault 



Harvey Kneifl

*Harvey Theodore Kneifl
Date: 2/9/2017
DOB: 06/25/1946
Saint Therese’s senior living community
7555 Bailey Road
Woodbury, MN 55125

Charges: 6 Counts of:
Charge: Criminal Sex Conduct-2nd Degree-Victim Under 13-Actor greater than 36m Old
Minnesota Statute: 609.343.1(a), with reference to: 609.343.2(a)
Maximum Sentence: 25 years and $35,000
Offense Level: Felony
See criminal complaint on how he was caught on school bus security cameras touching young children’s private areas.
See Woodbury bulletin article for details:
School District 833 bus assistant charged with molesting six students; unconditional bail set at $1 million

*Jeffrey Donald Cramer, Jr 
DATE: 6/7/2017
DOB: 12/31/1970


Jeff Cramer
AGENCY: Woodbury Police Department
JUDGE: John McBride
Offense Date: 02/17/2016
I: Interfere w/Privacy-Against a Minor Under 18 –Felony
Maximum Sentence: 2 years and $4,000
II: Possess Pornographic Work-Computer Disk/Electronic/Magnetic/Optical Image w/Porn
Maximum Sentence: 5 years and $5,000 for a first offense and 10 years and $20,000 for a second
See criminal Complaint how a teen child discovered several cameras in her bedroom. She turned them into police and it was found they belonged to Jeff Cramer. After being arrested after a search of his home resulted in multiple devices with footage of the child naked he admitted to police he set up one of the cameras in the victim’s closet. He stated he put the camera in the room to see what she was doing. He admitted the cameras would film the child undressing.
CONVICTION: Possess Pornographic Work-Computer Disk/Electronic/Magnetic/Optical Image w/Porn 617.247.4(a)
SENTENCE: 5 years probation. 120 days jail or in-custody Sentence to Serve. $1,000 fine. Predatory offender registration required. Follow all psychosexual evaluation recommendations. Successfully complete New Choices for Recovery Program, Canvas Health.
Woodbury Bulletin article on Jeff Cramer:
*Shawn David Langner 
DATE: 8/23/2017

DOB: 1/20/1991

Shawn Langner
Last known address:
5096 woodbury drive woodbury mn off County Road 19 just south of St. Ambrose Catholic Church and Private School.
MN AGENCY: Woodbury Police Department
JUDGE: John C. Hoffman
CONVICTION: Engaging in Electronic Communication Relating or Describing Sexual Conduct with Child
SENTENCE: Commit to Commissioner of Corrections for 30 months. 546 days credit for time served. Pay restitution to victim of $820 and follow terms and conditions of civil commitment – discharged from probation.
*John Gary Kipka  
DATE: 4/9/2018

DOB: 10/17/1978

John Kipka
Lives a block from Woodbury Middle School
CONVICTION: Engage in Electronic Communication Relating or Describing Sexual Conduct with Child
CASE:  82-CR-16-2000
SENTENCE: Sentenced as gross misdemeanor; 2 years of probation; 2 days jail credited, 30 days to be served in HUBER program, 30 days to be served under Sentenced to Serve, 303 days stayed, that means if he breaks probation he could serve the 303 days. It’s incentive to not break probation.

Level of Sentence:
Conviction deemed a Gross Misdemeanor pursuant to M.S. 609.13
criminal history according to BCA:
2003: DWI


*Sarah Katlyn Bartlett 

Sarah Bartlett

aka: Sarah Bartlett, Sarah K Bartlett
DOB: 4/17/1994
AGENCY: St. Paul Park Police Department
JUDGE: Richard C. Ilkka
CONVICTION: 1/22/2016 Solicit Child or Believe to be a Child Through Electronic Communication to Engage in Sexual Conduct
SENTENCE:  79 days credit for time served; 3 years of probation
Convictions/sentences according to the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension:
First Two Men Convicted from Child Trafficking Sting Walk with a Misdemeanor and Just Probation 

*In no way do we wish harm to the convicted sex offenders outside the judgement of the law. Posting each criminal’s data allows the public to decide from the evidence if they appreciate knowing such data. Such as what these sex offender’s last known address is. No representation is made that the individuals listed here are currently on the state’s offenders registry. All names presented here were gathered at a past date. Some persons listed might no longer be registered offenders and others might have been added. Some addresses or other data might no longer be current. Owners of Washington County Watchdog assume no responsibility (and expressly disclaim responsibility) for updating this site to keep information current or to ensure the accuracy or completeness of any posted information. All data was only accurate at the time of posting per Government sources provided. Accordingly, you should confirm the accuracy and completeness of all posted information before making any decision related to any data presented on this site. The information on this web site is made available solely to protect the public. Anyone who uses this information to commit a crime or to harass an offender or his or her family is subject to criminal prosecution and civil liability. Message us if you can verify us of an address or change in data.  Washington County Watchdog is not responsible for the accuracy of the content shared, refer to our linked government sources.

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