Washington County Watchdog: Citizen oversight to the local government in Washington County, MN. We also provide public data on sex offenders and child predators. We advocate with parents of child victims at the legislature for stiffer laws. Such as publicly listing the name, photo, exact address, and crime of sex offenders like 47 other states do.

Watchdog Review of Each of the Fifty States Sex Offender Laws Finds Minnesota Ranked the Most Unsafe.

30 Legislators and Counting! Both Parties Committed to Fix Broken Child Rape Laws in 2019

New Online Safety Tool Launched by Protect.org Sheds New Light on Child Sex Offender Prosecution and Law  

We’re a place where concerned citizens can get informed and inform others. We are not paid. We do not profit or earn money nor do the 100% volunteer citizens who moderate our page. This is a public service by citizens for citizens. We don’t represent any political party. We keep all sides in check.
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Help the victims of Sexual Assault in Washington County by Donating to www.EmpowerSurvivors.net :

Many groups are out there doing great work across the State. At WCW our focus is local, sharing Washington County related stories to emphasize the reality that sex crime is too common here. But our work doesn’t help the shattered victims. So we highly recommend helping local victims through a local group called  EmpowerSurvivors. They are a peer led 501(c3) non-profit group for those affected by sexual abuse. One of the many ways they help is by holding free weekly meetings in Stillwater as a safe place. They also host free and private online support on their website and blog. The founder, Elizabeth Sullivan, is a survivor of child sexual abuse and has devoted her life to helping victims here in the Washington County area. Every cent donated goes to their mission of “survivors helping survivors.” Their new location in downtown Stillwater could use office supplies such as a printer, pens, paper and more.  Of course any donation amount helps. You can also use Paypal for a one time gift.
While the public can find hope and security if laws and sentencing guidelines improve; the victims of sex crime in Washington County are left shattered by the crime even if the offender is punished to the fullest extent of the law. Contact elected officials; but also consider the important step of supporting victims. Please consider donating to EmpowerSurvivors here in Washington County. Find out more at www.EmpowerSurvivors.net